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Tungsten rings are a decorative affectation that is becoming more popular with men throughout much of the world. Such rings are taking the place of class rings and wedding bands thanks to their durability.

They should not be mistaken for being made from pure tungsten, as they’re really tungsten carbide. This compound, once shined, will never dull, scratch, rust, or discolor. It’s also completely hypo-allergenic.

The reason for their popularity is as much an issue of symbolism as practicality. Gold wedding bands have a tendency to deform over time. One made from tungsten-carbide will not, giving the impression that the marriage union which the ring represents will endure as well.

Stylex’s Tungsten Carbide TC.860™ is a exceptionally formed metal that is perfect for a man’s active lifestyle. It’s comfortable, scratch-resistant and will uphold its appearance over time with daily use.
Stylex’s Tungsten Carbide TC.860™ is a formulation consisting of over 86% Tungsten Carbide, producing a solid, long-lasting, hypoallergenic and unscratchable material. This exclusively forged metal is perfect for a day to day activity.

Tungsten Carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal in the jewelry world.
Stylex TC.860™ uses nano-technology coatings applied to the surface of the metal using a unique method that results in high scratch-resistance, high wear-resistance, and increased hardness and durability.

Over 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Stylex’s Tungsten Carbide TC.860™ is the hardest material available in rings after a diamond. In comparison, Stylex’s Tungsten Carbide TC.860™ is 10 times harder than 18K gold and has considerable, luxurious weight like that of platinum.
All colors of Stylex Tungsten Carbide are scratch-resistant.

It has 92.5% of silver, and a 7.5% composed of copper to add strength. It is hypo-allergic which means it does not cause allergy to people with sensitive skin.

Stylex uses the best quality Stainless Steel 316L that is lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

Meteorite is a fragment of Iron and Nickel from outer space debris. Meteorite originate in the asteroid belt between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. Stylex uses only free trade meteorite from Switzerland. Stylex seals its meteorite to prevent oxidation.

Stylex’s Plain Tungsten Carbide is naturally grayish in color. They come in natural gun metal grey color.

The rich luxurious color of black tungsten carbide results from a nano-technology process. This process permanently changes the exterior surface color of naturally gray tungsten carbide wedding rings to a deep and lavish black.

The surface color of naturally grayish Stylex’s tungsten carbide rings gets permanently changed to a rich and luxurious white color that gives it a handsome finish. The process runs through five stages nano coating which gives it strong resistance to tarnishing and friction.

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